An initiative to elevate communication leaders around the world.

#WeLeadComms is an initiative Mike Klein started in March of 2021 to recognize the idea of “communication leadership” - the role of initiative, courage and agency - as a driver of the work being done by communication professionals all over the world.

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Since its inception, #WeLeadComms has been

Demonstrating a commitment to recognizing BIPOC communication professionals and members of other underrepresented communities

Showcasing the leadership shown by communication associations and their members to promote the standing of our profession, and good professional practices

Offering an alternative source of recognition that recognizes the commitment of communication leaders as well as the quality of their contributions - going above and beyond the rubrics of traditional awards programs

Publishing a daily profile of a communication leader or initiative every business day, #WeLeadComms has built a global following in the thousands, and has recognized nearly 600 communication leaders and initiatives across more than 50 countries.

Highlighting the work of communication professionals in making a difference for their organizations and communities

Involving communication leaders at all levels of the profession