#IABC14 Putting the Future First


TORONTO-The International Association of Business Communicators, with whom I have had a stormy but enriching  13-year relationship as a member, chapter board member, regional board member, critic and advocate, is having its annual World Conference here in Canada’s biggest city this week.

Unlike more sectarian gatherings, like the European Association of Communication Directors’ in-house-pros event in Brussels, or the conferences of national PR and Journalists associations, the IABC’s event is the only one which fully embraces communication practitioners across geographies, practice areas and business models.

One criticism of previous gatherings was that they were “all about IABC” – focusing on showcasing member-experts, and celebrating the value of IABC as an institution.

This year, there is a subtle but very important shift—a change in tone towards bringing in new and more diverse ideas and promoting a more outward focus on advancing the skills and confidence of the communication profession.

The shift is particularly subtle against the backdrop of Toronto, one of the worlds most magically eclectic cities.

But the choice of a fiery futurist, Mike Walsh, as the kickoff keynote of the event sent an unambiguous message: IABC is putting the future first.

More to come from #IABC14 in Toronto.