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CHANGING THE TERMS delivers cutting-edge research, strategy and content built on a deep understanding of internal dynamics in organizations, communities and markets.
Messaging and content definition

GETTING THE STORY STRAIGHT Development of narratives, messaging and terminology that support business objectives in internal and external contexts

& Audits

FAST SCAN Combining interviews with leaders, communicators and employees; review of channels, engagement activities, current agenda items, existing survey data and related terminology and tactics

ALIGNED VOICE Integrating approaches for eliciting leadership objectives, employee attitudes and assessing gaps between each based on telephone interviews and focus groups

INFLUENCE PROBE Developing understanding of how influence and “word of mouth” flows between people from functional, geographic or organizational standpoints by using one or more established approaches (organizational network analysis, snowball analysis)

& Metrics

AGREED VALUE Definition of metrics and formulation of “communication factors” – numbers which account for the impact of employee communication activities on delivering organizational outcomes

CUSTOM SUPPORT As-needed support, facilitation and participation in metric-setting sessions

and Training

SPARRING PARTNER PROGRAM Ten session program of focused discussion and advice for internal communication leaders to sharpen impact and professional confidence

DIMENSIONS OF INFLUENCE Focused online training workshop looking at how employees play different and critical roles within the organization, and how to leverage these roles

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The name “Changing The Terms” reflects a double-barreled idea. It is, naturally, a play on words.

In one sense, Changing the Terms is about changing the words used to define concepts, describe approaches, and delineate boundaries of subjects and initiatives.

In another sense, Changing the Terms is about changing the rules which specify how to operate within those boundaries, how to apply those approaches, and how those concepts are to be understood.

Words matter. A play on words can change the rules of the game. And changing the rules of the game can have a massive difference on its outcome.

The game, in this case, is internal communication and engagement, two areas where both the words and the rules could stand a bit of challenge and change..

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