One of the greatest potential opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business communication is a variation of the “80/20 rule” called the “3/90 rule” – leveraging relatively few key employees to drive major organizational conversations, rather than pursuing one-size-fits-all approaches.

Indeed, research shows that as few as three percent of employees actually drive more than 90% of an organization’s conversations. But what’s involved in tapping into this informal network and harnessing it to help the organization communicate and perform more effectively?

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1 thought on “INFLUENCERS”

  1. Identifying key in formal influencers is so different than what we did in high school to generate widespread interest in attending a homecoming dance… Or in our case in a Detroit public high school, to ease racial tension it actually work towards a truly integrated school that started with the students to ease racial tensions and actually work towards A truly integrated school that started with the students. The administration was incompetent, and the media was worse. And the students took it upon themselves to act responsibly. We intuitively knew the influencers were. This tool nearly validates please already know intuitively.

    This can be used with great effectiveness a large and complex organization that has many duplications of what should be shared resources, but calcified leadership across all the stove pipes and silos. For example, A large medical center for example that must integrate IT systems but where each department has their own IT department including CIO, and even the chairman of the business unit. Starting at the top and working down could be an insurmountable challenge. Ideally you want to do both top down and bottom up. In this case starting from the bottom, and building pressure to the top would be the best way to go. This tool is a great starting point

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