Time to go all-in: six steps for reshaping the future of #internalcomms

In recent weeks, the conversation about “whether there’s a future for #internalcomms” has heated up again.   IC consultant Simon Rutter addresses these issues extensively – if defensively – in his comprehensive piece called “Is internal communication dead?” But I’d argue that for #internalcomms to establish a viable role in the future of business, it needs […]

Internal Communication: It’s not journalism. It’s advocacy.

A persistent near-myth about #InternalCommunication is that it’s a form of journalism and a natural home for journalists.   I’m not a journalist.     My Dad, who passed away late last year, absolutely was one – with a thirty-year career as a columnist with the Wall Street Journal under his belt.    So, I’m very […]

Six “near-myths” about internal communication

A dice with six showing

There are a lot of things that are believed about internal communication that are, at best, rarely true. These beliefs undermine perceptions of #IC’s value and impact and make it difficult for real #internalcomms professionals to be effective. Yet they persist because they are easy to believe, and perhaps there are occasional bits of evidence […]