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In less than an hour, this FREE BOOK can give you a real understanding of how the dynamics of communication in companies and communities actually works. 

In a world where “communication” has given way to “noise”, it isn’t enough to have better messages or to be more authentic as people. You have to be able to reduce the noise as well.

By looking at how people in organizations communicate naturally, From Lincoln to LinkedIn offers an alternative.  It unfolds an approach that is genuinely strategic, encouraging the intelligent use of new communication philosophies and technologies without becoming enslaved to them. It offers tangible guidance about targeting messages to the right people, and mobilizing the right people to make change happen.

Rather than focusing on technology or hierarchy, From Lincoln to LinkedIn focuses on the relationships between colleagues, and the way influence, messages, and action connect in the real world.

I invite you to download it, and above all, to let me know what you think.  I think you will agree that this approach could make a major difference, not only to achieving your objectives, but also in making corporate communication more relevant and impactful as it reduces the noise.

FREE PDF DOWNLOAD: From Lincoln to LinkedIn,

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