Writing for leaders and managers – some things that work

Rather than try to guess what my client would say in a given situation, I write from the standpoint of “what I would say if I was in my client’s situation, if I had her status, responsibility, goals and ambitions.” Or, put another way: “I write ambitiously, with a willingness to edit comprehensively.”

Building a “value portfolio” for internal communication?

One of the biggest challenges facing internal communicators involves demonstrating the value that we create through our activities and expenditures. I propose a classification of communication activity against the most popular desired outcomes I’ve seen:

Leadership Positioning: amplifying the impact of the ambitious leader

The business world is not monolithic. It is populated with individual leaders at all levels with objectives, visions and ambitions, with unique perspectives, personalities, interests and future plans which, when shared appropriately, can help provide traction to their efforts.