What can a World War II general teach us about Internal Communication?

What does a crusty World War II general have to teach us about raising the bar in #internalcommunication?   A ton. Here’s why.   LEAD, FOLLOW, or GET OUT OF THE WAY   A man of blunt words, one of World War II General George Patton’s most famous lines was “Lead me, follow me, or […]

Internal Communication: It’s not journalism. It’s advocacy.

A persistent near-myth about #InternalCommunication is that it’s a form of journalism and a natural home for journalists.   I’m not a journalist.     My Dad, who passed away late last year, absolutely was one – with a thirty-year career as a columnist with the Wall Street Journal under his belt.    So, I’m very […]

Distribution is King: Five Tips to Make it Reign

“Content is king” was quite the catch phrase over the last few decades, indeed, throughout the whole of the Internet era.     But as the key to royalty is rarity, the proliferation of content has ultimately been its undoing as the royal resident of the communication throne.   Nowhere is this more true than in […]

Three Bold Ideas for 2024

In a world filled with distractions, the challenge of capturing employee attention and channeling it into focused action has arguably never been greater.   Leaning in on simplistic platitudes like “you have fifteen minutes a day of employee attention for internal communication” isn’t going to cut it. Instead, here are three bold ideas that can help […]

“It’s All About The Managers.” Really?

“The secret to improving internal communication is to focus on line managers.” That’s one of the most popular comments that I’ve heard from #internalcommunication folks over the years. It’s also an idea that I’ve never bought. Aside from the fact that the idea isn’t exactly a secret, it’s also something I’d call a “near-myth” – […]