Internal Communication: What’s the “tipping point” for small and medium-sized businesses?

What Is Your Footprint?

Coherence And Cohesion

Employees As Communicators

Proliferation Vs Prioritization

Avoiding A False Economy

Communication At The Heart Of The Business


Do you want to get started – Check Out Soundbite Freemium

If you want a step change in how your organization communicates internally, check out Soundbite, the internal communication tool that combines “TikTok-style” user-generated video and audio with the targeted distribution capabilities of Microsoft Teams.  Soundbite’s Freemium offer is tailor-made for small or medium-sized companies, as the first fifty active users per month are free, with additional users added for $1 per month per user.  For more information, visit, or to book a demo, visit

Mike Klein

Mike Klein is Principal of Changing The Terms, a consultancy focused on internal, change and social communication. Mike has worked with organizations in the US and Europe for more than 20 years on pressing strategic communication challenges, and is a prolific writer and commentator on communication strategy topics. Mike is also the Founder of #WeLeadComms, an initiative to drive open recognition and in the communication profession. He holds an MBA from London Business School, and is a former US political consultant.




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