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The annual Changing The Terms poem: 2018-style

BY mikeklein

It’s poem time

At Changing The Terms

The annual verse

Of IC twists and turns


A changing world

Of metrics and tech

Yet old-school leaders

Keep breathing down neck


A poster – a roadshow

They still want that stuff

A trusted advisor?

Most still think we’re fluff



Also make demands

Consumer-grade comms

They want in their hands


The tech is there

To fit any budget

But are silver bullets

What’s needed to nudge it?


I’m doing some research

For Happeo

To see what will move

Your busy CEO


To give you the platform

You say you need

And spark collaboration

And power and speed


My own twists and turns

Were quite to see

After six months in Frankfurt

It’s consulting for me


New ventures sparked

From cool to funky

Like Gorilla Games

With ContactMonkey


If you haven’t entered

The time will soon pass

So send us your essays

For prizes with sass


Next year is coming,

Let’s pick up the pace

IC folk do it

With style and grace


And for all in whom

The IC flame burns

Happy holidays to all

From Changing The Terms

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