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The annual Changing The Terms holiday poem

BY mikeklein Another year, another poem.  That's how we do it in Delft.  My take on 2017 in the world of Internal Communication.


Soon we say goodbye

To 2017

Another year passes

On the #internalcomms scene


This year was one

Where we became more effective

Thanks in large part

To IC Kollectif


We’re even more global

More than we planned

We span the globe

From Chile to Kazakhstan


Things seem to have improved

From videos at random

To ambassadors and influencers

Working in tandem


Social analysis

Is not just an appetizer

With more great cases

From the crew at Innovisor


And soon #IC

Will break the laws of physics

With strategies

Turbocharged by analytics


In 2018

Our tribes will gather again

In Montreal, Berlin

And Copenhagen


There will be others

But these are where to come

World Conference, the Summit

and an amazing EuroComm.


For those who can’t go

Here’s what's next best

2018 will be

The year of podcasts


With Shel,

Chuck’s Chats

Engage for Success


And up-and-comer

Dan Thomas


Some of the best


Change is coming

In 2018

New developments

On the IC scene


And for those in whom

The IC flame burns

The happiest of holidays

From Changing The Terms.

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