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The IC Kollectif e-book: a globally disruptive moment for internal communication

BY mikeklein disrupt

It is often said that many heads are better than one. In that vein, I am thrilled to have been one of thirty authors who have joined forces with IC Kollectif to produce its new book, Disrupting the Function of IC, a Global Perspective.

Embracing the disruption theme, I swung hard with my piece. “Breaking the Rule of Engagement,” which challenges the dominance of “employee engagement” as an internal communication priority in recent years.  I lay out an alternative future where a newly empowered profession can re-establish its impact by focusing on more tangible and inspiring priorities.

The process of putting the book together was disruptive as well. Rather than being a North American or UK exercise, the book grew out of IC Kollectif’s commitment to being truly international. Authors were selected with an inclusive view of the internal communication profession that incorporated in-house practitioners and consultants, and practitioners whose work involves internal communication but is by no means limited to it.

Members crossed a number of the profession’s association fault lines: Britain’s IOIC and CIPR, PRSA Connect in the US, and national associations in a number of countries were represented. They were bolstered by a strong contingent of IABC members and leaders from around the world, and the book was published with the endorsement of the Global Alliance.

The e-book is free and more than 200 pages in length, best to be downloaded onto a laptop.

Kudos to Lise Michaud and Claire Watson, who were instrumental in shepherding this fantastic volume into publication.

For more information and to download, click here.

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