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The second annual Changing The Terms holiday poem

BY mikeklein 2016 has been a heck of a year.  And for many, a hell  of a year as well.

As is my now-annual tradition, here is a Holiday Poem that gives 2016 an appropriate goodbye, while setting up what will likely be an epic 2017:


Soon it’ll be time

To welcome 2017

And say goodbye to the

Roughness of '16


This could be the year

When IC becomes the wedge

But let’s remember we’ve

Always been on the edge



was when Trump was elected


can be when we’re most effective


If we can kiss good bye to


And stop expecting

Digital to do it all


Because turbulent times

Need clarity and vision

Influencers will be

The ones to spark ignition


With context-rich

Targeted communication

They’ll cut the noise

While preserving reputation


Digital, video

They too will fill their holes

And confident professionals

Will play mightier roles


2017 can be the year

Everyone is gonna see

The real impact

And value of IC


So there’s plenty

To play for

As the

IC flame burns


So here’s the

Best holiday wishes


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