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Brussels, 3 December: Time for a new conversation

BY mikeklein By now, at least some of my readers have received invitations to an event in Brussels on Saturday, 3 December.  If you haven’t received an invite, yours follows below:

On the first Saturday in December, I’m helping to organize a one-day, open-space conference in Brussels on the topic “Creating and Communicating the World in 2017.”

This isn’t a “Changing The Terms conference.”  

Instead, it’s an attempt to change the terms of conferences.  

The event is being sponsored by the EMENA region of the International Association of Business Communicators, but it’s not just for communicators.  It’s for leaders too, and if you consider yourself a leader, or a communicator, you are more than welcome to participate.

This event will indeed be about participation.  It will be facilitated by the excellent Ian Andersen, but there is no fixed agenda.  

Anyone who wants to present or moderate their own session can. The conference space will be split into a number of discussion areas to allow for multiple discussions at any time.  And, if you want to walk out of a session, you are free to walk out of a session.

Of course, the topic is there to connect the discussions and the participants.  I won’t attempt to over-explain the topic,“Creating and Communicating the World in 2017,” but here are a few facts worth mentioning:

  • 2017 will follow a rather eventful 2016

  • 3 December is about a month after the US Presidential Elections

  • Aside from being a convenient location, Brussels is the venue for many discussions on related topics at the moment

  • Having the event on a Saturday can allow leaders and communicators to get together with minimized work distractions

I’m looking to have 40-60 participants on hand, and the event is scheduled from 11-6 to allow for same-day travel from most of Western Europe.  Admission is set at €53.50 including VAT, which will cover the cost of the venue, unlimited coffee and tea, and a light lunch.  

Naturally, I’d like you to come if you are in the neighborhood or if you are willing to shoot down to Belgium for an interesting day.  And if you can help as a sponsor, or as a co-host who can spread the word to your own members and subscribers, it would be a huge help.  

It will be a great conversation. By shifting the focus of a conference from presentation to participation, there is a real potential to change the terms.
Click here to register

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