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Innovating Global Communication: four angles from New Orleans

BY Mike Klein One of the enduringly great things about the International Association of Business Communicators’ World Conferences is that they tend to take on big topics. This year’s gathering in New Orleans is no exception, tackling the theme of “Innovating Global Communication.”

To some, that may sound as “finding more innovative ways to do global communication.” But over the coming days, I’m going to be playing with the theme a bit and looking at some different angles.

Here are the first few :

  • Can business communicators change the game of business innovation itself, as opposed to just the way it's communicated?

  • Can changes in terminology drive business innovation with comparable impact to changes in technology?

  • How can communicators, in-house and consultants in particular, position ourselves as agents of innovation, similarly to how we have positioned ourselves as agents of change?

  • Can global innovation be accelerated through targeted, selective engagement?

Are there other angles I should explore?  Suggest them below or tweet them to @mklein818 using the #IABC16 hashtag.
Mike Klein

Internal communications pro with a bent towards increasing impact while reducing noise and friction. Former US political consultant, London Business School MBA. Tribal loyalties include IABC, EACD, Tottenham Hotspur FC and the Wisconsin Badgers.

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