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D-I-G-I-T-A-L: Can it spell out a stickier definition?

BY Mike Klein

easy We live in an increasingly digital world.  Everyone is talking about digital, people are dreaming about digital, and organizations are moving toward digital futures. I am no digital expert, but I have been around it for a while. I led internal communication for the introduction for the introduction of Digital Cable in the UK in 2001.  I drove internal communication for the integration of easyJet with British Airways spin-out Go Airways, which drove one of the earliest transformations of a legacy industry into a digital paradigm in 2003.  And now I am working as Senior Editor for a major international mobile operator with significant digital ambitions in 14 countries. Rather than writing 1000 words, I will focus on seven letters. D-I-G-I-T-A-L. Disintermediating Intuitive Growth-accelerating Interactive Technology-enabled Allies and partnerships Lowering costs Let me know what you think. Is there anything in this "reverse acronym" about digital that makes for a stickier definition, one that changes the terms?

Mike Klein

Internal communications pro with a bent towards increasing impact while reducing noise and friction. Former US political consultant, London Business School MBA. Tribal loyalties include IABC, EACD, Tottenham Hotspur FC and the Wisconsin Badgers.

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