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Why Lee Bryant Could Be the Top Thought Leader in the IC Space These Days

BY mikeklein I think Lee Bryant could be the top thought leader in the internal communication space today.  Sure there are others with a claim to the title, but anyone with doubts should have a look at his recent interview with Simply Communicate. Here, he connects social, digital, networks, leadership and Internal Comms into an understandable system with dynamic relationships.

In my view, a true thought leader sparks additional thoughts and helps others make connections. In reading Bryant's piece, I developed the seeds of several posts which will be forthcoming-combining his view of the reality in which internal communication operates with my own, more expansive view, of the role and centrality of the strategic internal communicator operating inside that reality.

Do I agree with everything Bryant says?  No. But his thinking is so much more dynamic and interesting than the "employee engagement is great" crap that's been served up for the last decade, that it needs to be noted.

More to come.

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