For more than 20 years, Mike Klein has been challenging traditional communication thinking and creating simpler, data-based solutions.

Today, Mike works with corporate and political clients on both sides of the Atlantic – focusing on increasing their impact by channelling their intent and better targeting their messages.

“In the 21st century, it’s become a lot easier to generate a lot of messages and distribute them indiscriminately.

The impact and value comes not from doing more, but by learning how to achieve more by doing less.

That means being much sharper in the way we target, the ways we identify sources of credibility and influence, and how quickly we can shift our focus from making people ‘feel engaged’ towards driving specific actions.”

Mike helps do this as a consultant and strategist, and by developing public and company-specific courses that empower communication leaders to shift their outlook and approach.

Mike has worked with large corporates like Shell, Cargill, Maersk, Avery Dennison, Barclays and easyJet, along with startups, public sector organizations and more than 30 political campaigns. He is also the founder of the #WeLeadComms recognition program, holds an MBA from London Business School, and is based in Reykjavik, Iceland.